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Be your worst enemy! Spooky Chase is a 2D game made in pixel art, with a fast-paced gameplay, and a challenging difficulty, the main gameplay key is that you create the enemies. The game objective is to collect flags, during a Halloween competition, and for each flag collected, an enemy is generated based on your previous movements. For each flag, a new enemy, with a new movement pattern, creating a chaotic and challenging situation. Get all the flags and discover what is behind the mysterious monsters!

Game Plot

The game takes place in a small town, “Little Town”, where a big competition called Spooky Chase takes every year during Halloween. In this competition, all the children in the neighborhood participate in a flag hunt, where the winner will receive a large pile of sweets. However, during this year's competition, strange things start to happen, clones of the children start to chase them! Our hero ignores the fact and continues his journey to capture the flags wanting to obtain his main objective, the pile of sweets!


  • Pixel Art graphics mixing the best of retro and modern on plataformer games.
  • Lots of stages and challenges in a campaign where the players must go into a journey on Halloween themed scenarios, like a Graveyard, Haunted Castle and a Cursed Forest as examples!
  • Endless mode with a global and friends scoreboard. Pick your favorite stage, challenge your friends and get the most flags you can!
  • Multiplayer mode for up to 4 local players or play with your fiend via steam remote play. Go into chaos mode where the last kid stand!
  • 40 unlockable costumes. From classic Halloween costumes like Witches, Vampires and Skeletons to the most unusual clothes! Collect the candies scattered throughout the levels to unlock the game's costumes!
  • More than 15 trophies to unlock during the game's campaign.


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