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Based in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

PC - Windows



The Last Grape is a game about fruits, vegetables and vengeance. Slice through your enemies with speed and precision in this action, fast paced platform where you control a ninja grape in seek for revenge.

Game Plot

After embarking on a profound journey of self-discovery, Kyoho finds himself confronted with a distressing situation upon his return: The sudden disappearance of his brothers from their village. All signs point to a powerful mobster who holds dominion over the city as the main culprit. Determined to unveil the truth behind the vanishing grapes and to seek justice for his people, Kyoho embarks on a quest for answers, driven by a strong desire to avenge his brethren.


With impressive graphics and challenging gameplay, the game will take you on an exciting journey through a vibrant and dangerous world. Use your skills to climb, jump and fight against a variety of enemies. The game's slash mechanics allow you to experience fast and fluid action, creating impressive combos as you defeat your enemies. With each successful strike, you can reset the cutting strike and keep slicing without interruptions.

In addition to the unique ability to cut enemies with precise strokes, you also have a special power, Hyper Focus. This allows you to slow down the world around you, giving you time to carefully plan your movements and execute them with precision. This ability can be useful in battles against powerful enemies, allowing you to avoid enemy attacks and cut them more easily. Additionally, it can be used to overcome complicated obstacles and solve puzzles that require action, precision, and perfect timing. Use this ability strategically on your journey of revenge.

Explore different areas, including dense forests, bustling cities, and dangerous underground caves. Face epic bosses and uncover hidden secrets as you seek revenge against your enemies. "The Last Grape" is an exciting and innovative action game that offers a unique and addictive gameplay that you won't want to miss.


The Last Grape - Teaser  YouTube

The Last Grape - Core Mechanic Example  YouTube


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The Last Grape Credits

Íris Passos
Game Designer

Yuri Santos

Felipe Araújo

Max Araújo

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